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Many cars are subject to recalls – actions taken by manufacturers on their own initiative or requested by Government authorities. These actions usually include returning cars to official dealerships to have some mechanical or electrical issues taken care of. These issues with used cars range from small nuisances to massive problems such as the deadly Takata airbags.

However, the number of owners who disregard a recall is surprisingly high. It is estimated that one in six cars in Canada have been recalled, but they were never taken to the dealership to have the matter resolved. Whatever the reason for this, the end result is that the manufacturer and/or the Government consider that particular car unsafe. Vehicle safety is paramount, be you a buyer or a seller. Hugh’s Report gives you recalls information from reliable Government and manufacturer sources.

Would you like to know if the car you are buying is officially considered unsafe? Order Hugh’s Report and rest assured that you know what you are buying. Aside from a lot of additional information, you will also learn about any recalls, their time and reason, if they were complete car recalls or part recalls and if your particular car has been fixed.

The mentioned Takata airbags issue is a great example. When deployed, some of these airbags can be deadly. Do you know what particular airbag your car has and if it’s one of the infamous production series from Takata? Would you like to know if the airbags have been taken care of, or they are still in your car?

Hugh’s Report will give you the desired information so that you can rest assured that your car is safe. Save yourself from buying an unfit car and make a better deal.

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