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Buying a car is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. A bad decision that results in overpaying for a bad car causes many problems. Aside from having an unreliable and even unsafe car, it is also a major financial problem, since you will not be able to resell it for the same price to anyone who has had an insight into the history of that particular car.

Why not be the one with the insight?

Hugh’s Report used car history gives information about damages and service history, theft reports, odometer history, previous purchases and sales, car usage, reasonable sales price estimates and more. Learn if a car has been in a fleet, or a taxi or if the owner has skipped service intervals. Maybe the mileage was reduced in order to increase the asking price, or the car was badly damaged.

Severe damages, even after a repair, always compromise structural integrity of a car and greatly reduce its safety in more ways than one.

Service history gives you information about what has been done on a car, as well as the odometer readout for each service interval. It is important to know if regular services were performed on time, since skipping oil changes, for example, can seriously reduce lifespan of an engine.

Has a car been bought and sold many times over? Maybe that indicates an issue that the owners did not want to deal with, or maybe it was a part of a fleet or taxi. Those cars usually cover far greater mileages and many are driven recklessly. Make sure your car is not one of those or, even if it is, make sure you get it for the reduced price.

Speaking of price, Hugh’s Report provides information on what a reasonable price for a particular car is, based on its history and market value. Make sure you never overpay and inform yourself so that you can recognize the best deals.

This kind of knowledge usually requires a lot of time and effort and even a personal interest in the matter. Hugh’s Report gives all that instantly and throws in a market leading affordability.

Provide yourself with all the right information from the most credible sources and make an informed purchase devoid of unpleasant surprises.

Even if you are the one selling a car, Hugh’s Report gives you the best idea about what the asking price should be as well as reliable argumentation that you can present the buyers with.

Are you a buyer or a seller?

Whichever the answer, Hugh’s Report gives you all the information you need about your used car history, so that you can buy and sell with confidence.

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