Used Car Accidents

Make sure you know all about the
damages your used car has sustained

When a car has been involved in an accident the damages can vary greatly. Having multiple accidents reduces the value of a car significantly, but also raises numerous safety concerns, especially if the car has not been repaired properly. More severe damages often compromise structural integrity of the car and even if the repairs have been performed, the car is not as safe as it used to be.

You can see a perfect example of this in an example from a revered British TV show Fifth Gear in the video below. Two seemingly identical cars are involved in a head-on collision. However, one has been an insurance write-off after a previous crash and even though it looked impeccable, the difference is huge.

Would you like to drive yourself or your family in such a car? Of course not!

This is why knowing all about the accidents a used car has been in, severity of the damage endured and the scope and quality of repairs is paramount. Visual inspection does not suffice and learning all about the history of a car, including any accidents is something that should be performed before any car purchase.

Hugh’s Report offers detailed information about any documented accident that a used car has suffered. These reports range from minor dents to severe mechanical damage and Hugh’s Report compiles accident and repair information from credible sources, including Government and car repair shops.

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