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Vast majority of used cars decrease in value over time. However, there isn’t a reliable scale that you could use, since many different aspects influence the price reduction. Aside from the time factor, other factors include the status of a car, usage history, particular market, mileage it covered, current state, service history, maintenance regularity, accidents it was involved in, any upgrades performed and many more.

Moreover, these are not some things that you can learn about just by looking at the car. Sure you can trust the seller, but we are sure anyone can see the downside in that approach.

Now, when buying a used car, it is very rare to find one in mint condition, virtually untouched by its age and usage, let alone accidents. In most cases you can’t expect to find that, but any downside of a car should also reduce its price.

However, many of these downsides are not obvious and the sheer amount of factors and different used cars available on the market make determining the fair price a very difficult task.

We are here to help!

Hugh’s Report will give you a professional estimate of the value of any used car you are interested in buying, based on the history of its usage, service records, damages suffered, mileage covered and all the other aspects. This way you can rest assured that you bought a car at a fair price.

Make sure you never pay more than you should and inform yourself well enough to recognize those great deals. It may sound like it takes a lot of learning, effort and experience and it does, but you can get it all in Hugh’s Report.

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